How to maintain and clean a granite worktop

How to maintain and clean a granite worktop?

Worktops are now a part of every kitchen especially those made of granite. This gives the kitchen a glistening look and the kitchen looks more attractive than ever. You might think, because of their toughness and strength, they will not be prone to deteriorate. But in fact, rough and careless use can hurt their dandiness. So, to make them everlasting, you have to treat them with care and do not put too much pressure or heavy objects on them. I will explain to you how you can increase their tenure and glimmer sparkle.

Coat the pores

Granite has pores in it which absorb liquids, stains and the detergents which you use to clean it. The detergents when excessively absorbed can dry out inside the pores and can cause cracks in the granite slab. Even moisture can cause fungus in the corners if not cleaned properly and without a protective coat, cleaning cannot be easy. Seals or lamination which can stay up to months or a year is the best for this type. You can ask your supplier to tell which type of lamination is suited for your kitchen worktop because all cannot be protected by the same one and for the same amount of time. Yours may be different than the rest and may require less or more coating, depending on its nature of formation.

Is daily cleaning good or bad for their health?

This question comes in mind when you read that too much moisture is not good. But I am not talking about washing them. Just heat up some water, take a sponge and then clean the slab to remove marks of spills. After that take a dry piece of cloth and rub it on the surface to absorb the moisture. If you encounter a stain that is not easy to remove, use a surface cleaning agent, just a drop or two, or a spray to soften the stain and then wipe it with the dried cloth piece. I shall remind you that dry cloth will remove the water lines on the surface because if left unattended they can also cause smears on the slab’s surface.

The corners on the inner side

While cleaning your granite slab in a hurry, it is possible that you miss the inner corners and the girt or dirt may stick there and accumulate for months. After a while the whole worktop will start looking dull and untidy. This can also cause health hazards if you have kids in your home because the girt will include bacteria which can be harmful. So, what I do is deep cleanse the worktop every weekend and make sure the inner corners on the downside get properly clean.

Longevity or endurance

Depending upon how you use the hot utensils or pots; placing directly or with tri-stands, you can observe how they impact your granite slabs. You definitely would have heard that cutlery or hot pots and pans do not affect the slabs of granite. But the pans can leave rustic stains or marks if you do not be careful enough. When the seasons change, the impact of things change too. I recommend using heat resistant mats, tri-stands or even boards on the granite worktops where you directly place your heated up cookers or dishes or cut your veggies to avoid any risk to their look.

Following the expert directions

Those who will provide you the granite for your kitchen will also tell you tips to act upon. If you have a doubt about their use or protection, ask your supplier or if you plan on using some strong alkali for cleaning purposes, ask the experts. Experimenting by yourself can leave you with regrets in case of your granite slabs. Another pro tip which I personally do is, I give a bit of steam to the spills so they can soften and then I wipe them off because scrubbing is not good and strong alkalis can leave marks if used again and again on the same area.

Here is a short list of what to do and what not to do

Do not delay the coating, the more you postpone the more you are risking your own health because of the germ sticking on the worktops.
Don’t experiment with acids to clean their surfaces as they have a tendency to eat away the granite. If you accidentally spill anything of this nature wash it off quickly.
Ask the seller where you want to use a cleaner before buying it.
Do not use net or a wire object to scrub off the leftovers which you think are stuck on the surface. Also, try not to use tide pods or powders or anything having bleach as its main ingredient. This will make more mess than cleaning.

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Worktops?

The worktop you choose for your kitchen might look right in your imagination, but there’s a chance the interior of your kitchen does not complement it or the other way round. In my opinion, the optimal way is to study the décor and interior type of your kitchen worktops in detail and then check what type of worktop goes with it. Obviously, a vintage themed kitchen cannot have stainless steel worktop rather than a wooden one. So, I’m going to explain to you the details which usually go unnoticed when choosing worktops material for kitchens. 

Which Theme do you want your Kitchen to have?

Every personality has its own choices when it comes to choosing favorite colors, aesthetics, and pattern schemes. I would personally like a vintage themed one but some of you may be more inclined towards new school or contemporary. If you live in a villa or a house with grandeur and magnificent looks and is very spacious, you would also want your kitchen worktops to display the same luxury with mesmerizing beauty and for that marble is the choice you need. On the other hand, traditional kitchens with a joint family would like their kitchen to be homier and can opt for wood or stainless steel or a combination of both. Asking the designer about his opinion can help you because he will first extract out your choice of having a kitchen type. 

Spacious or Compact Worktop; What is Suitable for you?

Some smart designers will first look at your electric appliances and other kitchen items before designing the worktop. This gives them the idea to estimate the required space. Also, young adults who prefer living alone or even with their spouse and have not yet started a family can feel themselves easy in a compact workspace kitchen. However, with kids comes greater space needs. Some people like their things to be packed up in the cabinets however, some may like everything to be displayed on the shelves and the slabs. For heavy burdens, granite and Corian worktops can be used for best results as you can place your microwave oven, coffee machine, blenders, etc. Without worrying about if they will collapse. Also, for so many things to be placed, you don’t want your kitchen to give a congested look. So, you need to tell the designer your needs regarding space. 

How often one Plans to Cook and the time you Spend there in your Kitchen?

Working adults like me have less time to cook, especially in the morning when you’re already getting lake for your office work. Also, when we come back tired, we decide to just microwave precooked food and spend time cooking only on weekends and special occasions like Christmas, birthdays or thanksgiving. Households with toddlers will need their kitchen to be germ and bacteria proof. Stay-at-home people or those who like to bake a lot will also want their kitchen to look spectacular as their cooking cycles are more than ours. Our time spending requirements also have a say in the type of worktops we want. Quartz or granite with coatings will be best suited for infant and toddlers’ households while for young adults who are bachelors, glass worktops can also prove to be best as their damaging chances are less in comparison to those mentioned in the former. 

How much of a Cleaner you are?

People who are obsessed with cleaning or keeping things neat can work with any kind of worktop and will maintain it in all the ways possible. However, people who are not much into working or cleaning will not be planning on cleaning their kitchens very often. Also, money is a factor which cannot be ignored when it comes to repairing a damaged worktop corner or sealing it. So, better look at the colors and texture of the surface before choosing according to your cleaning routine and habits to save yourself from unwanted costs. 

You should also have an Estimate of how much are you Willing to Spend

There is no problem in wanting a glorious and magnificent place as your kitchen worktops. But you should also see your budget constraints. You can also ask your designer to tell you the comparative prices according to your budget. Trying Quartz is a very fine replacement for granite or marble as they are a bit more costly or expensive. Chip boards are usually used in large kitchens instead of wood in some cabinets or areas which do not come in contact with the cook more or lie in the hidden corners of the kitchen. Also, it is better you look for a worktop which comes with high recommendations and guarantees. Solid worktops provide you with all this as I contacted them when I designed mine and was delighted with the outcome.