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When you compare our services with other big chains, you will get to know that you are getting more by paying less.

In addition to this, all of our services are up to mark and are competitive as well. You will not find the same Tristone worktops Essex installers services anywhere else because we are the best installers working near you.

You are always welcome to get advice or see samples of various product in our factory showroom. We have a team of professionals who are masters in installing. Choose the quartz worktops and tristone worktops with proper fitting.

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Quality Tristone Worktops

Based in Rayleigh, Essex, Solid Worktops Ltd is Tristone worktops Essex leading licensed manufacturer of solid surfaces for all residential and commercial properties with 20 years of experience.;

tristone worktops essex

We are the first suppliers who brought Tristone worktops to Essex and London areas.

Tristone is 100% acrylic surface material with great properties.

Durable and elegant material has proved to be very popular with ever returning clientele. It come with 10* years warranty

With reasonable prices and great services Tristone worktops is one of the best-selling products of non-porous surface which is resistant to heat, bacteria and moisture.

The Tristone brand is keeping up with the latest of technology and wide range of Tristone colour palette as well as invisible built in worktops wireless charges, pop up sockets, flip sockets, lighting strips and light effects.

Easy To Clean

Tristone is incredibly easy to keep clean, it can be done with soapy water up to bleach or antibacterial cleaning product.

Easy To Repair

Any damage to the product, such as stains, scratches or dents, it can be rather easily repaired. Even after many years in service Tristone worktops can be repolished and look as brand new again.


As proven, this product is widely used in hospitals, dentists, coffee shops, restaurants, home kitchens, non-pours acrylic composite resistant to bacteria and microbes. It takes just simple wipe down to keep it clean and free of germs.

Tristone features: 
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