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How To Choose The Right Kitchen Worktops?

A kitchen is one of the most significant parts of any home that makes or breaks an overall feel of the space. A well-designed kitchen requires the careful incorporation of multiple elements. Out of all the things one considers, choosing the right kitchen worktop is one of the most influential factors to conquer. 

The right kitchen countertop not only provides a functional surface for food preparation and cooking but also adds up to the aesthetics of the space. With numerous options out there in the market, selecting the perfect type of worktop can be a daunting task. Wondering which worktops are best for kitchens? Well, there are many, in fact! 

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The worktop you select for your kitchen might look right in your imagination, but there’s a chance the interior does not complement it or the other way around. In our opinion, the optimal way is to study the décor and interior of different types of worktops in detail and then check what worktop types go with it. 

Here, we’re going to explain to you the details which usually go unnoticed when choosing kitchen worktop options. 

Types of kitchen countertops available in the market

Looking for the best material for kitchen countertops? We’ve gathered plenty of worktop ideas for you below. 

Granite worktops: 

  • Known for their incomparable beauty & durability.
  • May need periodic sealing. 
  • A little expensive compared to other options.

Quartz worktops:

  • Engineered stone worktops with a super durable property. 
  • Multiple hues and patterns are available. 
  • Quite comfy to clean.

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Corian worktops:

  • Another luxurious, non-porous option. 
  • The design blends well with modern kitchen themes.

Laminate worktops:

  • Versatile worktop material.
  • A comparatively lower price. 
  • Relatively low maintenance but can develop scratches. 

Solid surface worktops: 

  • Made from a blend of acrylic and natural minerals. 
  • A wide range of design possibilities. 
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Hygienic alternative. 

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Stainless steel worktops:

  • A reliable choice for all kinds of commercial kitchens. 
  • The strongest of all with extreme heat resistance
  • The highest hygiene level.
  • The lowest maintenance requirements. 
  • Can be noisy to use and prone to scratches.

Wood worktop:

  • Develops a warm, natural, and cozy ambiance.
  • Can be sanded and re-oiled to restore the look and fade the scratches.
  • Needs continuous maintenance for water damage prevention. 

Glass worktops:

  • Gives a modern & contemporary appearance to your kitchen. 
  • Like stainless steel, glass worktops are non-porous and hence do not provide a habitat for bacterial growth. 
  • You need to take great care of these worktop types, as even a minorly hard object can cause damage in the form of breakage and scrapes.

Comparing various types of worktops to suit your kitchen best

When analyzing which kitchen worktop is best, you need to consider multiple factors to reach that decision. Let’s compare the different materials to determine the factors and decide how your work surfaces should be! 

Evaluate your considerations on the basis of the following: 

Durability & longevity

Granite, quartz, and solid surface worktops are super enduring and can easily tolerate day-to-day wear and tear. However, laminate ones are more prone to scratches and may require more continuous maintenance.

Scratches, stains & heat resistant worktops

When exploring heat-resistant kitchen worktops, granite and quartz materials are known for their unmatchable heat resistance. They are less likely to get harmed by hot pans or pots. Laminate worktops are susceptible to scratches. 

On the other hand, stainless steel countertops may generate blemishes over time. Glass or solid surface countertops are more resistant to stains, making them effortless to clean. 

Maintenance & care requirements for worktops

Laminate and solid worktops are somewhat low maintenance. They can be easily scrubbed with water and a mild soap solution. Granite and quartz, on the contrary, demand periodic cleaning to sustain their visuals and durability. Likewise, wood worktops need regular oiling to keep them away from water damage. 

Cost comparisons to find you the best match

When comparing the costs, laminate worktops are the most affordable pick, followed by solid surface ones. Quartz and granite material is more on the expensive side, while stainless steel and wood countertops fall into a moderate price range. 

Factors to consider while choosing the best countertops for the kitchen

Keep in mind the following aspects while buying the best worktop for the kitchen. All of these combined will help you make an informed decision.

Which style & aesthetics do you prefer?

Every personality has its own choices when it comes to selecting favorite shades, aesthetics, and patterns. Some like a vintage-themed layout, whereas others are more inclined towards new school or contemporary style. 

If you live in a mansion or a house with grandeur and magnificent looks and is very spacious, you would also want your kitchen worktops to display the same opulence with a mesmerizing beauty, and for that, different types of stone, worktops are out there like Corian, granite, quartz, or marble. 

Traditional kitchens with a joint family system would like their space to be homier and can opt for wood or stainless steel, or a combination of both. Besides, asking the designer for a professional opinion can help you decide the best kitchen worktop material to elevate your overall space.  

Preferred size & durability of the kitchen worktop

Professionals will first look at the placement of your electric appliances and other items before designing the kitchen worktop for you. This gives them the idea to estimate the required space.

One may like their things to be packed up in the cabinets; however, one may prefer everything to be displayed on the shelves and the slabs. For heavy burdens, Granite and Corian materials work as the best worktops for kitchens for the best results. You can effortlessly place your microwave oven, coffee machine, blenders, etc., on them without worrying about whether they will crack or demodify. 

Overall maintenance & care required for worktop

Analyze your willingness to maintain and care for the worktops. Some require regular sealing, detergent cleaners, or even oiling to upkeep them. Consider your lifestyle, normal daily schedule, and total time available for home cleaning. Yet, you will always want to go for a worktop material that does not require a lot of struggle to clean. For that, the best countertops for the kitchen are always those which require the least amount of daily maintenance. Just a single wipe should be enough to make the surface sparkling clean. Sweetening the pot, a low-maintenance kitchen worktop saves you from many hidden costs. 

Your budget & worktop cost analysis

We know that you want a glorious and magnificent place as your kitchen worktops. But you must also analyze your budget constraints and the prices of various types of kitchen countertops available.  

Keep in mind to consider the long-term value and durability of the chosen material. Draft a budget for the entire project and thoroughly explore the options available in the market that fit within your requirements and range. 

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, selecting the right kitchen worktop involves considering many important aspects. Every material has its benefits and constraints. The important thing is to find the one that compiles with your standards, desires, and budget. By carefully evaluating the above-mentioned factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the best worktop for the kitchen to enhance both the beauty and practicality of your space.

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