The Two 5s of Calacatta Quartz: 5 Facts and 5 Design Ideas

The Two 5s of Calacatta Quartz: 5 Facts and 5 Design Ideas

Quartz worktops are a class apart from the other materials. This is because it is a gorgeous, luxury worktop at much less the price. Another key factor that adds to its popularity is that it can be customised in infinite ways. One such variation is the calacatta quartz worktops in Essex, which we shall explore today.

The real calacatta

The original Calacatta pattern can be found in marble worktops. It is known for its wide expanse of white with delicate grey veins running through it. It is a reflective, bright and gorgeous variation of marble. Contrary to popular belief, this stone does not have its origins in India. This marble comes from Tuscany, Italy. Which is also the origin of the exceptional Bianco Carrara marble.

The confusion may have risen from the fact that the Taj Mahal is built of marble, albeit it is located in Agra. We also have the Marble Palace in Kolkata which is built and decorated in its entirety with marble. Another possible contributor to this myth is perhaps the old anglicised name of Kolkatta – Calcutta. Despite all of the confusion, the reality is that this marble has its origins in Italy.

5 important facts about the calacatta quartz

The Calacatta marble comes in many variations and is a luxurious stone. It is popular for architecture and decor. Moreover, it is a naturally-occurring stone. Quartz on the other hand, while naturally occurring, is engineered too. Here are a few facts about this popular worktop material.

A manufactured natural stone

As with all quartz, the calacatta quartz is also made of 7% resin and the remainder of crushed quartz crystals. Additionally, colour pigments may be added to it to create the preferred look. Quartz worktops are often used to mimic other popular and more expensive worktops such as granite and marble. The calacatta quartz is created in much the same way. The recreation is highly accurate and on point. It will be barely distinguishable from its original counterpart, the Calacatta Marble.

A stone with a purpose

Unlike most other engineered stones, Quartz slabs can be purposed in various ways. They make great worktops, walls, floors, claddings and more. This gorgeous calacatta quartz worktops stone with its glossy, luxurious look will be a perfect fit in any area of the home. This stone is appropriate for any indoor use.

A durable companion in the kitchen

Quartz is known as a reliable stone. It is highly durable, sturdy and long-lasting. Calacatta quartz worktops make the perfect kitchen worktop. The colour variations, durability and endurance of this stone are perfectly suitable for the kitchen. It can endure much pressure and force without cracking in the slightest.

Maintain it with ease

Quartz is one of the easiest worktops to maintain without a shadow of a doubt. The resin mixed into it while it is manufactured acts as a seal that makes it easy to simply wipe off any dust, dirt or spills. It can be cleaned effectively without requiring any heavy bleaches and chemicals. It is easy to clean and does not require anything extra for long-term maintenance.

No stain no pain

A major benefit to using any quartz worktop is that it does not stain. This can be attributed to the use of resin in its manufacture. It is nigh impossible to stain this pretty worktop. There is not much chance for the nasty spills to sneak their way through the resin into the stone. This fact, often leads to people calling it an antibacterial worktop as nothing can get through it and fester.

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These 5 facts about quartz worktops should help you choose a worktop for your kitchen. Not, it’s time to move on to some great kitchen ideas with quartz worktops.

Contemporary kitchen ideas with calacatta quartz worktops

Simply choosing a worktop is not enough to uplift the kitchen. After all, the rest of the kitchen also has a role in how it looks at the end of the day. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for your perusal.

A veritable blend of dark and light

You do not need an all-white theme to create a bright and sunny kitchen. Adding a contract colour in key areas of the kitchen, while keeping the rest – such as the calacatta quartz worktop- white can add more character to the kitchen. Navy blue and tropical green are highly popular colours right now. Consider having your cabinetry made in one of these colours. With this, you can customize the veins of the calacatta quartz to mimic the colour of your cabinetry. The result is a magnificent and grand kitchen.

A waterfall, but in the kitchen

Puns aside, waterfall islands are the epitome of a modern kitchen. Simply adding a waterfall feature to your kitchen island to match the rest of the worktops will create a smooth and seamless look for your kitchen.

Don’t run from the backsplash

A backsplash is a boom for small kitchens. It enhances the appearance and creates the vibes of a large kitchen. The aesthetic value of a backsplash goes beyond that. Contrasting colours and patterns for the worktop and backsplash are so last seasons. Instead, go for the same theme for both for a flawless look that will be easy on the eyes.

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Block the colour

No that’s not what we mean. What we actually mean is that go for colour blocking. Colour blocking is a great way to bring out the essence of both the colours used. It is also a highly contemporary design. This is also a great option for those looking for bright preppy kitchens. Colour block with light pastels or darker colours.

The texture is finally in!

Make use of this benefit of quartz worktops. Customise your quartz worktop in a darker colour with more texture to it. Whether you leave it textured or smooth it with polish, it will still be a great look for the kitchen. Textured kitchen worktops are vastly understated, as such, it is the right time to opt for such a bold design.

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