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Bathroom Worktops: What You Must Consider Before Making The Choice

Bathrooms and kitchens are entirely different settings. Compared to the kitchen, a bathroom is more humid and constantly exposed to wetness too. The worktops should be chosen with extreme care so that it is suitable and durable in any aspect it is used. Some key factors should be considered before choosing a worktop. 

Let us also explore some popular bathroom worktops in Essex, such as Quartz, Granite, and more. This way, we can take a look at multiple bathroom worktop ideas and get to know which one is the best counter for the bathroom.

Humidity and moisture – why does it matter?

Worktops, whether it is for the kitchen or the bathroom, are typically made of natural stones, engineered, and other materials. While kitchen worktops may be exposed to moisture and liquids of various natures, the environment within a kitchen is not as humid as that of the bathroom. The worktop for the bathroom can stain and can even be weakened because of water absorption over time. 

While you can protect the worktops from water throughout the year via sealed laminate bathroom countertops, you can also choose a countertop for the bathroom that is resistant to water. 

Most areas of a bathroom are protected with waterproof membranes to ensure there is no leak into other areas of the house. This is not possible without a worktop bathroom. While moisture and humidity may not be extremely damaging, they can still cause quite a bit of damage to bathroom sink countertops over the years.

Bathroom worktop materials and options

When it comes to the worktop, we only think of their use in the kitchen. The bathroom vanity and cabinets are also placed with a worktop which we often tend to forget. Most people end up choosing the same material, make, and colour of worktop throughout the house, wherever it may be needed. In comparison, others pick different options for different areas.

Thanks to globalisation, many ideas are spreading around the world, helping to improve the conveniences around us. As such, worktop materials, kitchen and bathroom designs, etc., are changing. It should be appreciated!

With that said, now one has a variety of materials available for use in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. Some of the more popular ones remain the wood bathroom countertop, marble bathroom countertops, bathrooms with granite countertops, and so on! These are some of the classics and have been around for a while. A newer trend is the growth of wood worktops, laminate, and metal. Concrete worktops are another new trend, mainly due to their rustic look. With all these options available out there, it has become quite easy to choose the right worktop for your space.

Water proofing the worktops for the bathroom

Let us take a look at some of how your worktop for the bathroom can be protected from water and moisture.

  • The bathroom sink countertops can be sealed regularly to protect them from water damage. Normally, kitchen worktops of some materials need to be sealed at regular intervals to keep them waterproof and protect them from stains. The same can be done for the counter for the bathroom.
  • Wipe away water and other liquid spills from the worktop bathroom surface as soon as possible to protect it from staining. The water can be cleaned before it can be absorbed by the worktop. 
  • Put a layer of transparent and waterproof material over the damage-prone surfaces like a wood bathroom countertop. This is not a very common method and is quite rare; nevertheless, it is also an option. You can go for ultimate laminate bathroom countertops for best results. 

Important factors to consider before choosing a countertop for the bathroom

Like a kitchen space, there are equally important things to consider when opting for some bathroom worktop ideas. Both locations possess different surroundings; hence the material chosen should be aligned with that as well. 

  • One of the most important facts to check is to see how the worktop for the bathroom will react to humidity, moisture, and prolonged exposure to water. This is because, unlike the kitchen, bathrooms are damper and constantly humid. 
  • They may also be exposed to heat in the form of heated water, hair dryers, hair straighteners, etc. Materials such as laminate cannot withstand these and may melt a little at a time. Marble bathroom countertops or bathrooms with granite countertops are much-suited options. 
  • Unlike the kitchen, bathrooms are cleaned using harsh chemical bleaches and detergents. So how the worktop will endure these products must be observed. Discoloration and smell are the top issues in such cases.

Learn granite vs quartz

A final word

To summarize, you should always choose bathroom worktops with great consideration. The bathroom is quite a different environment than your other house spaces, and therefore the countertop factors to take into account must be different as well. It is highly recommended that you keep the above-discussed things in mind when going to choose a counter bathroom. 

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