4 Genius Ways That Boost Kitchen Worktops

4 Genius Ways That Boost Kitchen Worktops

Want more motivation while cooking food for your loved one? Let’s add some attraction to the kitchen. For instance, you may install kitchen worktops in Chelmsford. Meanwhile, the kitchen is the hub of your home, so you must create a healthy environment by installing the right equipment.

Renovating your kitchen is quite troublesome when you handle all the single aspects yourself. So, you must hire professional services that have enough experience to add a sparkling effect to your kitchen.

Furthermore, add a fabulous décor to your kitchen so that you may double the value of your kitchen worktops. In this blog, you may explore different ideas to keep your kitchen counter.

Genius ways to keep your kitchen worktop

Are you sick of boring kitchen worktops, whether at home or in restaurants? Do you wish to update their appearance to attract more people’s eyes and make working in the area more pleasurable? Even you may create the boring place of your home into a one-of-a-kind, enjoyable, and functional area when you implement four innovative countertop ideas:

Consider eco-friendly practice

Do you want to include your preference for eco-friendly practices in the look of your countertops? Meanwhile, many practical ways exist to employ recycled materials and make your countertops attractive and functional. It will not only stand out visually but also add spark so that everyone can take part in eco-friendly practices.

Install extraordinary resources

The great majority of kitchen worktops are composed of these common materials, such as

  • Granite,
  • Concrete
  • Stainless steel

Using an unusual material is one approach to getting a one-of-a-kind countertop design. Keep in mind that many worktop materials are customizable, which might be helpful if you’re trying to match a certain design scheme.

Choose the right shape

Most countertops, if not all, are squares or rectangles with well-defined kitchen worktops. Create a one-of-a-kind look for your countertop with some creative shaping. The forms you can make are restricted by the materials you choose. Choose granite countertops with a free-form edge for a homier, earthier vibe. A basic curve or an original form can be added as well.


Every little change may make a huge difference in our productivity while using a kitchen worktop. It is possible to combine form and function when designing an artistic countertop. To illustrate this point, imagine you have a trash can concealed in a cabinet underneath your kitchen work surface.

Learn 3 top-notch kitchen worktops

How to add creativity while installing a worktop?

Find it difficult to decide which kitchen worktop is the best? People frequently say that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. So it’s understandable that some individuals are still wary about spicing up the heart of their home with creative touches like new appliances and ornaments. We’ve compiled a collection of unique kitchen additions to inspire your next remodeling job.

Smart refrigerator:

Could you use a refrigerator that remembered what you had stored there? A smart refrigerator allows you to do exactly that. A decade ago, we could never have imagined the advanced technology that goes into modern refrigerators from brands like Samsung and LG.

Most modern smart refrigerators include cameras that allow you to view inside, so you can see precisely what you need to stock up on the next time you go grocery shopping. Due to the convenience of your fridge, it is running well. Some refrigerators include touchscreen screens that allow you to utilize them as a hub for all of your home’s communications.

● Cooking surface/island

Using your kitchen’s potential for creativity by installing an island is a great remodeling project. What do we mean when we say kitchen island? It is a freestanding cabinet that may be used to either replace or supplement the rest of your kitchen’s furniture.

  1. Stools designed specifically for use around kitchen islands are typically included.
  2. Cabinets and drawers are included and big enough to fit a range of medium-sized appliances.

Islands in kitchens serve as the room’s main point. You may expand your working area with a kitchen island by adding a second sink and more counter space.

● A countertop with a waterfall edge

Adding a waterfall-edge countertop to your kitchen remodel might be a show-stopping addition. Waterfall edge countertops are best defined as countertops with a design that does not stop at the edge but rather continues to go toward the floor at a 90-degree angle, as suggested by the name.

To put it more simply, the designs on a standard countertop often terminate at the countertop’s edge. A waterfall edge countertop doesn’t follow this rule. Thus its design components spill over onto the upper and side cabinet areas.

● Add some art creativity

A home’s design should include art, but most people don’t even think about it until it’s too late. It gives homeowners a set of colors to work from when redecorating a space so that everything flows together harmoniously. Not only may that but the perfect mood be established via their work.

  1. Warm colors like yellow and orange may help generate an inviting mood.
  2. The use of cool colors like blue and green is often recommended when trying to develop a soothing mindset.
  3. Meanwhile, the warm tones of red and orange can assist in sparking profound exchanges.

● No-touch sinks and showers

Touchless faucets may seem expensive initially, but they save you money. This is because touchless faucets offer a more reliable automatic shut-off mechanism than the standard shut-off valve found on most sinks.


Do you want to install kitchen worktops? Ignore the delay! Get in touch with a professional countertop installer in your area immediately to schedule a meeting and get a quote. You’re about to become the talk of the town due to installing the best worktop designs.

If you want to add a wow effect in front of your guests, install touchless faucets, so they don’t have to touch the same handle you washed your hands on. For more queries, feel free to consult Solid Worktops Ltd.

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