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A Guide To Understanding Corian Worktops Cost

While selecting the perfect Corian worktop for your kitchen, you come across several varying prices enlisted on various business websites. This is because various brands, colors, material quality, supply chain disruptions, etc., vary with each supply and thus impact the worktops cost.

Apart from these, other characteristics affect the overall corian worktop. Let’s take a look at some of those factors:

Factors impacting the cost of corian countertops

The average cost of corian worktops is highly dependent upon multiple aspects. 

  • Brand/ Supplier of worktops; the higher the brand’s equity and salience, the more the corian kitchen worktops will cost. 
  • Quality of material; raw material or finished, the prices increase with the quality. 
  • Calibration; how the raw material is converted into a finished product, also has a say in the Corian worktop cost. 
  • Supply & demand; as the supply chain is disrupted, the corian sheet prices UK fluctuates a lot more than usual, and thus such increased costs are added to the final product by the suppliers. 
  • Installing the worktops; what is the size of your kitchen, and how the kitchen theme needs to be elevated depend upon the skills of the installers; thus, such installation costs are also added to the final prices. Besides, replacing a kitchen worktop has a different cost. 
  • Edges & waterfalls; the customized design cut of the worktop increases the cost as the cut material usually goes to waste, so you have to pay for that also. 
  • Giving the perfect fit; with no miscalculation or wrong measurement adds to the complexity of the process and thus carries additional costs with them. 

Why does replacing a kitchen worktop become necessary?

We cannot dine out daily, but we can change the look of our kitchen into fine dining now, can’t we? We can remove the outdated look and replace it with some fresh worktops which look aesthetically pleasing to our eyes. Also, who doesn’t like hygiene along with a beautifully themed kitchen? Corian worktops give all the qualities we need to have a picture-perfect kitchen.

Learn to choose worktops for the kitchen – be sure you get it right

Kitchen worktops, if placed correctly, can increase the worth of our place. We are not going to stay in the place forever. So, when the reselling or renting time comes up, a place with a nice kitchen can benefit you monetarily. Families with kids need to have a safe environment; microbe-free Corian worktops are an answer to that.

When can we request a quote for new corian worktops?

Requesting for a quote months before you want your worktops to be installed or replaced is not a rational idea. Many factors impact the costs for suppliers, and the prices vary. It is possible that you get a quote for a high corian worktop cost per metre, and at the time you install the worktops, the prices are much lower, but you have already agreed to the prices before and also have made some initial payments. 

You should analyze the market conditions, the supply and demand curve, industry growth, material prices, and feasibility, and then ask for a quote at least a month or a few weeks before you want to install the worktop. It is also better to have the actual measurements of how much material you want for your kitchen; estimates can go wrong and add to your payment prices.

If I just want to replace the already installed ones, how much do corian worktops cost?

For replacing the worktops, you have to account for two cost subjects. The first is the corian worktop cost per metre and how much of the material you require. And the second one is the cost workers of the company take to remove the existing worktops and re-installing the second one. These two costs impact the total price you have to make as payments.

The average cost of corian worktops usually adds up to £900-1000, depending on the abovementioned factors. Other worktops, such as Laminate and Wood, fall in the price range of £600-900. For a fine Granite worktop, the price bar goes a bit high and reaches £1500-2000, and for a unique Quartz, the price you have to pay is higher and can add up to £3000.

What can worktops other than corian be used for your kitchen?

It is always better to explore all your options; it does not cost you. Rather, it helps you make a better decision. Some other worktops which can elevate your kitchen theme are: 

  • Granite worktops
  • Wooden worktops
  • Glass 
  • Laminate 
  • Quartz and Marble

Things to keep a tab on while estimating costs for worktops replacements

Thinking about are corian worktops expensive? Searching for the accurate answer for – How much does a corian kitchen worktop cost? While calculating your required budget to have your kitchen worktops replaced, it is better if you add these costs too. 

  • Your kitchen size matters; check how much of the area you need to be covered by the worktop and how much material it will require. 
  • Check the costs of the material you want to purchase; marble and Quartz are usually priced higher than other worktops. 
  • If your appliances also have to be moved or replaced, the labor will ask for additional prices. 
  • Customized worktops also cost more than pre-made worktops.
  • Experienced and skilled labor charges for their expertise. You should never go for fewer labor expenses because inexperienced workers can add to your future hidden costs. 

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