How do you clean a granite kitchen worktop

How Do You Clean A Granite Kitchen Worktop?

Kitchens portray the overall cleanliness of a house. A clean kitchen provides better appeal to guests and impacts tremendously on health.

Why Should Kitchen Worktops Be Clean?

Kitchen worktops are a vital component of the kitchen as all cooking-related stuff is done here. So, kitchen worktops should be clean which provides a barrier against various viruses and bacteria that are not friendly to human health terminologies. For the best appealing and elegant look of the overall kitchen, granite worktops are used but they require proper maintenance and cleaning for long-term use.

Granite worktops are very sensitive in terms of their appearance. They should be shiny and for maintaining the proper shine of these worktops regular cleaning is suggested. Better cleaning will make the granite worktop glossy and good to view. To ensure any damage to the surface of the worktop use chopping boards and trivets pans. As stone is sturdy yet can be damaged and any negligence can lead to chipping and staining which can have a long-term effect on the worktop and degrade the overall appearance of your worktop.

How To Clean Granite Worktops

By adding some drops of dish soap to the slightly warm water, a good granite cleaner is made. use a soft cloth and apply the mixture made earlier to it and gently rub the granite worktop. clean the cloth accordingly after some wipes so that all dirt and debris should be removed from the cloth which ensures no damage to the worktop. After cleaning, wipe the worktop with a clean wet cloth so that no residue of soap should be left over. After this dry, the worktop with a microfiber cloth so that no spots of water remain on it.

  • Different products are present in the market that provide perfect cleaning of granite worktops and they are not compulsory but they prove to be quite helpful. There are some low-quality and cheap products that are also present in the markets that damage the gloss of the worktop so be aware that while using a chemical product, is it safe for granite worktops or not?
  • Using a baking soda paste is also a simple and easy method for cleaning the worktop. apply the paste over the contaminated areas and gently rub it with a microfiber cloth after that wipe it with a wet soft piece of cloth.
  • Don’t use hot pans over the granite worktops because rocks are often damaged from heat and it can also damage your granite worktop. This problem happens when a pan is left on the worktop for a long period. This will lower the gloss of the worktop and will impact negatively on its life. Excessive weight should not be applied over the worktop for a prolonged time; it will also make a spot over the surface.
  • Properly disinfect the worktop because rocks can be damaged by various infections which make them porous and ductile. Clean the worktop immediately if something or any foodstuff is split over and ensure that no remains are left as various food-related chemical residues cause damage to granite.


A very good-looking and luxurious appearance is provided by granite worktops which have characteristics of resistance to heat, and scratch and are hygienic to the environment. They are highly hard-wearing and are popular in the market for this attribute. Now you know how to deal with any problem related to the granite worktops and how to clean them. We hope that all mentioned stuff would be beneficial for maintaining the good life of your granite worktop and make you feel well every time you visit your Kitchen. With proper care, a granite worktop is highly recommended.

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